We are proud to be a professional supplier in many business sectors as cars, steel, transportation, etc...

Pho Sai Gon Restaurant

Pho Saigon Restaurant by Trieu An USA is a major investor. This will be offering culinary flavors typical style of Vietnam.

Introduction of Vietnam Brand to the US trademark

To build and develop the Vietnamese brand in the US market, we always encourage and advise how to introduce to the US market.

Office For Rent

We currently have offices for rent in the United States. Fully equipped, spacious. Any information please contact the US Hot line: 702-487-1504

Business Medical Equipment

We specialize in providing all kinds of machines and equipment used for medical

Business Printer & Photocopy

We specialize in providing the line Printer and Copiers types used in printing and photo professionals, with famous brands such as Toshiba, Canon ...

Business Pharmacy

We are a distributor of pharmaceutical products such as: PHOSPHALUGEL, VACONTIL, MEDOXICAM, TRICAMUX, etc. .. for all drugs on the whole territory of Vietnam

Bussiness products supplement for Health

We are official distributors of food products functional support during the treatment of articular cartilage, liver, helps support cell regeneration ....Our products originating from U.S and Canada.

Consultancy services guide to establish a company in the U.S

Expand into the U.S. market is something that all businesses and companies in Vietnam are thinking.The procedures and process of making records?

Please call us if you are looking to open a branch office or company in the United States,...

Bussiness Fashion Import from the U.S

With long reputed in the import, export, TRIEU AN USA CORPORATION is proud to partner prestigious in the fashion industry with famous brands such as: Calvin Klein, Levi's, Victoria's Secret, Banana Republic, Polo, BCBG Exchange, Gucci, Nautica, etc.

Bussiness Buying and Shipping follow Orders from U.S to VietNam

You do not know anyone in the U.S. but you want to purchase products through the website in the U.S. to ensure the delivery and receipt of goods.

Freight services in the country

Business cars imported from the U.S

Our company always considers the development and customer care is one of the key objectives in the development plan oriented business. So we are committed to, that you feel at the showroom cars are imported new 100% genuine.

Supply of fertilizers used in agriculture

In Vietnam, agriculture is the main industry.From that vision, TRIEU USA CORPORATION saw the supply of fertilizer products effective and dedicated to Vietnam's agricultural sector has added many new options.

Business of buying and selling scrap metal imports

Scrap iron and steel products including our: HMS1, HMS1 & 2, User-rails, R50-R65 and other steel products