We are proud to be a professional supplier in many business sectors as cars, steel, transportation, etc...

About Us

trieu an,
Trieu An USA Corporation was established in 2006, with full credibility and the trust of customers. Currently, our company has been active in the areas of business such as: Steel, Fertilizers, Cars, Fashion ...

Currently we are customers of the companies and corporations in the United States, under the Iron and Steel Society of the world's leading NHI - through the company: Trieu An USA in Union City - California (USA); distributors official leading car manufacturers such as Hyundai Kia Deawoo Mortor GM ... ; Is the leading importer of international fashion brands such as Victoria's Secret, CK, Levi's, Polo ...

With enough experience and reputation in the import, export and sales in the domestic market and the world, Trieu An USA Corporation always confident is a supplier and distributor of the best hand to all customers needs.

Trieu An USA Corporation would like to thank all customers for your trust and cooperation with our company.

Best Reguard,